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NPA Position Statement 2018

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Tiffany N. Willis, PsyD & Colleagues

Published Online By National Perinatal Association

May 2018

“...women are more likely to develop depression and anxiety during the first year after childbirth than at any other time in their life.”

“PMADs can have profound adverse effects on the women, children, and their family’s mental, physical and emotional health. ”

Fighting Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders on Multiple Levels

By Children’s National Health System

Published Online By Science Daily

January 16. 2019

“PMADs can lead to a variety of adverse outcomes for both mothers and their babies, including poor breastfeeding rates, poor maternal-infant bonding, lower infant immunization rates and maternal suicides that account for up to 20 percent of postpartum deaths.”


Media Articles & Blogs

Postpartum can be both boundless love and breathtaking sadness. It shouldn’t mean silence.

By Alissa Ambrose

Published Online By STAT

October 30, 2018

“I told myself that I was exaggerating my own symptoms, that I was just overtired. Many women have it worse, I thought. I could make it work.”

Postpartum Anxiety: The Other Baby Blues We Need to Talk About

By Stacey Colino and Nicole Fabian-Weber

Published Online By Parents

Date Unknown

“‘...according to the Mayo Clinic, 89 percent of new parents find their minds racing: What if the baby suffocates? Or slips under the water during a bath? What if someone breaks into the house and snatches her?’”

Radical Acceptance Can Help Set You Free from PPD

By Katherine Stone

Published Online By Postpartum Progress

Radical acceptance is about realizing you don’t have to exhaust yourself trying to fight reality. Even if reality sucks.  It’s about accepting the present moment. Recognizing what is. Figuring out which parts of the problem you have control over and which parts you really don’t. Radical acceptance is about going forward in spite of.”


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